Kletterdreieck oder Kletterbogen was ist besser

Climbing triangle or climbing arch - which is better?

If you want your children to grow up to be smart and proactive people, you should buy them a climbing triangle and/or climbing arch - but which is actually better or should they even be combined ?

Pikler climbing sets consist of the following elements: a Pikler arch, a Pikler triangle, a cube, a ramp and a climbing frame. They can be combined in a variety of ways to create different structures; the Pikler furniture is a beautiful decoration for your children's room and will always entertain your little ones.

climbing sets

Some families prefer to buy just one item at first rather than the whole set. This allows you to plan your budget more rationally. Plus, they can make sure their kids really love these items. Typically, children love Pikler's inventions - so their parents can always buy more items for them.

What is the difference between a climbing triangle and a climbing arch?

Apart from their shape, these objects differ from each other by the following parameters .

Advantages and disadvantages of the climbing triangle

climbing triangle

Advantages Disadvantages
Space-saving because it can usually be folded up More expensive to manufacture
Usually higher so babies can easily pull themselves up and stand upright

Advantages and disadvantages of the climbing arch

climbing arch

Advantages Disadvantages
stable, so perfect for several children at the same time heavy and huge to store - not foldable
can be used as a lying surface with a cover/blanket
Can be used as a climbing arch or vice versa as a seesaw

I don't think one is better than the other per se - it all depends on your child and you as parents know best. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is your child a rock climber?
    If so, it's more likely to love a Pikler triangle. Seesaws/climbing arches on the other hand are fantastic for imagination as they can be used for charging, hiding and so on.

  2. Do you have room for something as big as a seesaw?
    The triangles can be folded when not in use, but the seesaw cannot be folded and takes up a considerable part of your living room or children's room.

  3. How old is your child or do you have several children?
    Many parents claim that the seesaw is more suitable for older children and that they can use it longer. I say it depends on your child. My own child didn't give a damn about a seesaw, but liked and still likes his Pikler triangle . So if you have the opportunity to test it with a friend, you should do so.

All in all, there is no blanket statement as to whether a climbing triangle is better than a climbing arch . It always depends on the individual case and everyone has to make their own decision here. In principle, however, triangles and arcs can also be combined with one another.

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