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The 10 best uses for a Pikler climbing triangle

A climbing triangle can be used by children as young as 6 months . More important than age is your child's developmental level and when they are ready to start using and exploring.

Of course, all babies are different, but some babies start climbing as early as 6 months (that's early, but true). These kids will use the triangle and slide to help. Others are already rolling at this age and can use the lowest step to pull themselves .

Regardless of the child's age, here are our top 10 ways to use the climbing triangle and slide:

1) As a Pikler climbing frame!
The actual benefit of a Pikler climbing triangle, according to the pedagogy of Dr. Emmi Pikler , is of course exploring and climbing the individual rungs. to promote motor skills and development.

Pikler climbing frame

2) A crawl tunnel
With a climbing triangle and climbing arch, great crawling parcours can be set up where the little ones can crawl over and under.

3) A drying rack for doll clothes
Children love to dress up their dolls. A climbing triangle with its rungs is ideal as a "clothes line" to present the entire doll's wardrobe

4) A counter / grocery store
A climbing triangle or climbing arch placed on the side and placed with the slide as a shop counter. This automatically results in a suitable height for the little ones. And the slide can be used as a storage counter due to its large area.

5) A tent or bear den - cover with a woolen blanket
Thrown over with a cozy blanket, an open climbing triangle can be transformed into a small cozy cave in no time.

Pikler triangle as a cave

6) A car racing track
Drive small Matchbox or Siku cars on the individual rungs and then let them whiz down the slide.

7) A stepladder for high shelves
The climbing triangle can also be used as a small ladder to reach higher children's bookshelves.

8) A pirate ship and a gangplank
Laid on the side, there are no limits to the imagination. Balance on the side planks of the triangle with Playmobil figures.

9) A runway for a teddy bear
Fine balancing of the teddy on the individual rungs also promotes the sensitivity of the little ones.

10) A garage for favorite cars and buses
You can also use the triangle as a practical garage for the entire fleet of the little ones. Tractors, cars and Lego trains can be parked under there ideally.

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