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Our desks & painting tables for children are equipped with many functions and options that promote your child's creativity and motor skills according to Montessori pedagogy .

Growing / height-adjustable desks or multi-sensory painting tables ensure long-term employment, fast learning and, with their modern style, fit into every child's room. They accompany your child from daycare to primary school.

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Frequently asked questions about the children's desk

What age is a Montessori desk suitable for?

Growing desks have the great advantage that they can be used by children of different ages . They accompany your child in their learning , from day-care to elementary school .

What is the advantage of the Montessori desk?

A Montessori desk / painting table for children offers a number of advantages:

  • many of the models are growing / height adjustable
  • they offer many different creative and learning areas bundled in one place
  • they are made of friendly/natural materials
  • your child can play and discover independently in a safe environment

What belongs on a Montessori desk?

There is no blanket " basic equipment " . It is important, however, that your child has an area for themselves with the table where they can learn and discover in peace.

A Montessori desk can simply consist of a simple wooden board, or it can be individually designed with a blackboard, acrylic disc or small boxes for multi-sensory toys, such as play sand.

What does a height-adjustable / growing desk mean?

A growing desk for children offers the great advantage of being able to adjust the height of the chair and the table in various ways.

This means that your child can continue to use the table even when they are older and you don't always have to buy a new desk.

Where do I put the desk?

Place the desk in the child's room in a bright place near the window .

The immediate environment should be tidy / clean so that your child is not distracted while exploring and learning.