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Set writing and drawing table with chair "Ina"

Set writing and drawing table with chair "Ina"

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Due to the adjustable height , the "Ina" set is suitable for playing and learning during the entire pre-school and primary school years - from the age of 18 months to adolescence.

When it rains and the child's time is too long but yours is too short, open the gate to a dream adventure! This table set with chair is designed for study or just for playing.

Adjustable multifunctional play, art and learning set for children with table and chair Ina for multi-sensory activities. Bonus - the set includes a chalkboard , a clear acrylic board and a roll of paper

The set has an adjustable height that allows it to be used from the time the child begins to sit independently at the table until adolescence . It is your child's first individual place where they can shape their inner world and be creative in many different ways. The table will facilitate the work of the development specialists and free your child from the screens at home!

This table gives the child the opportunity to work independently . Designed for preschoolers and elementary school students, it easily converts into a table for study or play . The table provides the child with independent work opportunities, helping to maintain a certain order and cleanliness in the living area:

  • be creative and independently plan an activity - to draw and write , using different types of writing materials and colors
  • learn in an attractive, multi-sensory way by inventing new, innovative game elements and including them in the learning
  • Development of spatial thinking - work with kinetic or ordinary sand, plasticine or small toys in table storage;
  • The edges of the table provide a sense of personal space and security , reducing stress and encouraging creativity ;
  • If play is interrupted, the table may be locked for later resumption.

With grandma or dad, with friends or alone - immerse yourself in an exciting, creative world of illusion and adventure!

materials and safety

The table is made of 15 mm thick, natural and very durable birch plywood , which ensures durability and safety throughout use. The surface of the material is covered with a transparent laminate coating of opal white color that fully preserves the natural pattern of the wood and gently reflects daylight. The surface is very smooth, warm and pleasant to the touch , at the same time the material is so hard that it avoids ugly scratches, abrasions or color stains. The edges are treated with natural, slightly darker natural oil, which makes the vintage style easily recognizable in the interior.

Dimension of a table:

  • Total height: 81 cm
  • Surface height (min/ max): 49 / 67 cm
  • Table top: 90 x 50 cm

Dimensions of a chair:

  • Seat dimensions: 36 x 28 cm
  • Height: 66cm
  • Adjustable seat height: 28-42 cm

Weight of the set : 28 kg

These products comply with the following standards:
The product conforms to European Union harmonized safety standards which are internationally recognized (Directive 2009/48/EC)

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