Indoor Kletterwand für Kinder

Indoor climbing wall for children - the new trend 2023

There are a number of different ways you can set up your children's play area in an exciting way these days. The Pikler climbing triangles are a long-lasting trend for children's rooms.

The Pikler climbing triangle was invented by Emmi Pikler and is a wooden triangle with rungs to climb up. The rungs have a perfect thickness, so these are easy for the kids to grab, but also can ensure the stability of the triangle. The focus is on health , the triangle is designed in such a way that a healthy posture can always be maintained when climbing.

A new trend that encourages climbing in the children's room is the indoor climbing wall for children . You can find out what this is all about and what its advantages are in the following sections.

Indoor climbing wall for children

The indoor climbing wall - the new trend for the children's room

If you want to follow the trend, you should get an indoor climbing wall for your children. There the children can have fun and train their muscles at the same time . A climbing wall motivates the children to be active and promotes their health.

The advantages of an indoor climbing wall

An indoor climbing wall offers many advantages, which ensure that the purchase is usually a worthwhile investment . On the one hand , the climbing walls promote muscle development and mobility in the children. This is particularly important nowadays, as children in the digital age are often exposed to electronic devices at an early age. These distract children and reduce their desire to move and play.

The trends also show that children generally spend less and less time in the fresh air. A climbing wall for children can help here. It can stand right next to the other toys, looks great and encourages activity .

Such climbing frames are also always tested for safety . It is advisable to put a mat on the floor in addition to the climbing wall. This protects your floor and if a child should fall, it will land comfortably on a foam mat.

Another advantage of a climbing wall is that it can promote children's self-confidence . Due to the relatively low height, which can be reached quickly, your children get a quick sense of achievement, which strengthens their self-confidence.

Another advantage of an indoor climbing wall is that they are much more space-saving than a complete indoor climbing frame . For this reason, the climbing wall allows more design options in the children's room and does not take up too much space. Most climbing walls are multifunctional and can be used both as a climbing triangle and when folded out as a climbing wall .

An indoor climbing wall: Better than a wall bars?

If you have already been looking for climbing walls for children, you have certainly come across the wall bars . Wall bars can often be found in sports halls as well as in children's rooms. It's a simple bracket with rungs that attach vertically to a wall. Children can climb up and down the rungs.

Indoor climbing frame

However, an indoor climbing wall offers various advantages over a wall bars for children. On the one hand, wall bars usually do not offer the possibility of using them as a climbing triangle. In addition, wall bars are usually more difficult for children to climb and the risk of injury is higher. Climbing walls are multifunctional and offer many possibilities . There are also climbing walls with additional attachments such as a slide . These variants are discussed in the following section.

Climbing wall with slide - modern and innovative

The trend towards modern climbing walls brings with it an incredible diversity. Not only are they more space-saving than ordinary climbing triangles, they also offer more design options. If your children like to slide, you can look around for a climbing wall with a slide . If you are looking for something extremely space-saving, you can also get a climbing wall of the simplest form, which consists of just a few climbing holds that are attached to the wall.

Depending on your preferences, there are no limits to your creativity . You can integrate overhangs, slopes or curves into your children's climbing wall and turn the children's room into a small climbing hall . Complete climbing worlds right at home are possible with rings or rope constructions. With a little creativity, the constructions can also be integrated into your own house, so that the children can, for example, use a rope to climb into the attic or use a ladder or bridge to climb into their bed.

The product highlights at Kleinleni

There is a large selection of climbing walls in our online shop, so at first glance you may not know exactly what to buy for your children. Let's make a few recommendations here.

One of our most popular products is the Pikler climbing triangle with ramp and wall bars . With the included accessories, the climbing frame can be converted into a wall with a ramp . The educational toy is suitable for children aged six months to five years .

Indoor climbing wall for children

If you have very small children , they can use the triangle early on, for example to learn to stand. When they get older , they can use the wall bars to try out their climbing skills . This product is very versatile and offers some learning opportunities.

Another highlight of our product range is the normal Pikler climbing triangle with wall bars . This model contains a classic climbing wall that can be converted into a Pikler climbing triangle by unfolding it. This model also encourages your children to exercise and offers good entertainment. This variant is inexpensive and very well suited for entry.

These two products can also be ideally integrated into the children's room thanks to their optionally colored rungs, thus evoking the playful character and less the physical character of a gym.

If the climbing wall goes down well with your children, you can expand it with our accessories. For example, you can get a ramp/slide, table and chair or an organizer for the wall and give it to your children for their next birthday.

Take a look around and find the perfect climbing wall for your children.

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