Kinderzimmer nach Pikler einrichten

Setting up children's rooms according to Pikler - that's part of it

In order to be able to develop freely according to Pikler, young children need a free and flowing space, because it is the "vacuum" that allows them to move and develop their motor skills.

Be careful with the flooring

The ground serves as both a support and a base for exploration. Therefore, the rooms should be designed with a hard floor so that the baby can stand (and possibly take his first steps).

In addition to safety and upright posture, it should also be noted that the floor should be at the desired temperature , so cold material should be avoided. The most recommended solution is to use a wooden floor .

Safe furniture

Because children are free to roam around in their environment , it's important to remember that they will be climbing, pushing, pulling and using whatever equipment is available to them . For this reason, the use of children's furniture, preferably fixed and without wheels, is essential, especially when it comes to furniture for young children.

The meaning of silence

A calm (and quiet) environment is very conducive to the normal growth of children. It promotes concentration and helps with learning.

Pikler Cube

These cubes are independent and can be configured in different ways to create different paths. In addition to the need for physical activity, they also stimulate imagination and creativity . The cubes have a diameter of 50 cm on each edge.

Pikler Cube

Pikler triangle

The Pikler triangle is designed to encourage children to follow their instincts and safely climb heights and hanging objects. It enables children to develop skills such as motor coordination, physical strength, balance and agility . You can find a large selection of Pikler triangles here.

Pikler climbing triangle

Pikler Bridge

This bridge is built for children up to 3 years old and helps to coordinate movement and independence .

Pikler climbing arch

This is one of the most versatile objects developed using this method. It can be used as a swing, ladder, chair, table, tunnel, bridge, house, etc. Here you will find exciting Pikler climbing arches with lots of accessories.

Pikler climbing arch

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