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Montessori Climbing Toys - How Do I Find the Right One?

One of the most difficult movements children make, and one that often frightens parents, is climbing . In this journey of knowledge we will explain to you which Montessori climbing toys are available and how you can find the best ones.

Although toddlers in most cases have an idea of ​​how high they can climb before they feel unsafe, they are still in a phase of testing their limits.

In the Montessori pedagogy, you should create an environment where your child can learn their newest skills , including rock climbing. But that doesn't mean you have to let them climb onto the kitchen table. The right Montessori climbing toy gives your child a place where they can independently practice their climbing skills and develop their motor skills .

Why are Montessori climbing toys important?

The Montessori philosophy is about letting the child be in control of their own upbringing . This also applies to their own movements.

It's inevitable that your child will eventually discover rock climbing, and you'll most likely find out by watching them climb something they're not allowed to do. The key is to redirect that energy to a safe device so they can practice these new motor skills .

There are several reasons why climbing toys should be an important part of your child's Montessori education. Some of the most important reasons are as follows:

  • Help your child improve their range of motion
  • Promote children's independence
  • Promotion of motor development
  • Increase in strength, flexibility and balance

The right climbing toy supports your child in all of these ways and helps them gain control over their own movements.

The best Montessori climbing toy for your child

Now that you know how climbing toys can help your child's development, it's time to add a climbing toy to your Montessori toy collection .

But since you don't want to overwhelm your child, you should n't look for more than one or two climbing toys . This can make it difficult to choose the best one for your child.

To get you started, here are some of the best Montessori climbing toys to help your child develop motor skills and critical thinking.

  • Pikler triangle

When Montessori educators are asked about the best Montessori climbing toy, the first thing that comes to mind is the Pikler triangle , also known as the Pikler ladder or Pikler arch .

This from Dr. The climbing toy developed by Emily Pikler is designed to encourage children to explore their motor development from an early age while encouraging their independence while trying to figure out how the toy works.

The Pikler triangle consists of three parts :

  • arc
  • ramp / slide / ladder
  • triangle

Climbing set Montessori

Each piece is a standalone toy that your child can use to train specific motor skills. Both the arch and the triangle make excellent climbing toys, and your child can explore both on their own to learn the differences in shape and how to approach them.

Together, the three pieces create the ultimate climbing toy and learning experience for your child. Depending on your child's developmental level, they can start playing with this toy as early as six months to encourage motor skills and cognitive development. Many children continue to use this toy until they are about five or six years old .

  • Climbing Wooden Cube

The Pikler triangle is not only a climbing toy for Montessori education, but also for the benefit of your child. If you're looking for another climbing toy that's in line with the Montessori philosophy , this wooden climbing cube is also a great addition to your child's room. It can be used on its own or as an addition to the Pikler triangle and bow set.

Climbing cube wood

The design of this climbing cube is quite simple, but offers your child enough challenges to train their new motor skills. The cube is sturdy and stable to ensure your child's safety.

The holes on each side offer a new level of discovery and encourage your child to climb in, out and through .

  • Montessori indoor playground

As your child gets older, they will be better able to understand more complex concepts. Their toys should grow with their minds , allowing them to keep discovering new ideas about the world and themselves.

This also applies to your child's climbing toys. If you want something more complicated than the Pikler triangle, consider a Montessori indoor playground .

indoor playground

This indoor playground offers many different activities for your child to explore in a single climbing toy . This makes it a great toy for older toddlers and toddlers to further develop their motor skills. Key activities include a mini climbing wall, a slide/climbing ramp and a jungle gym, giving your child multiple ways to climb.

Montessori climbing toys for your little climbers

Climbing is one of the most important motor skills your child can develop, as scary as it may seem. However, you can help your child take control of their climbing skills by providing them with the right toys to practice on .

Montessori climbing toys guide your child to a safe object so they can explore their own limits and discover what they can do. Then, as they learn and get older, you won't have to worry about them climbing too high.

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