Pikler Rampe Nutzen und Vorteile

Climbing triangle ramp: uses and advantages

A ramp is the ideal addition to a Pikler climbing triangle. It offers many different benefits and advantages . It can be used as a slide, a climbing wall and a climbing bridge. All of these extensions have different uses and benefits.

These different Pikler triangle accessories can be used for different physical activities as they can keep your kids busy and entertained with different tasks .

A ramp is often made of sturdy birch plywood . This ramp can usually last up to 10 years but should be protected from rain, water and sunlight.

In this post, we'll look at its use, benefits, and how it can help your kids improve their gross and fine motor skills .

Using the Pikler Ramp

The Pikler Ramp is a simple hardboard, or you could say a slope that can become a slide. This extension is available for almost all Pikler triangles and can be a very useful tool to encourage your children to walk and sit and to motivate them to climb the Pikler climbing ramp .

But be careful : a ramp is not compatible with every climbing triangle. It should therefore be ensured that the manufacturers of the ramp and triangle are identical . Otherwise it may happen that the ramp cannot be securely locked to the triangle.

Pikler ramp as a walkway

You can use the ramp between two climbing arches or in conjunction with the Pikler triangle . This ramp will get your child walking and balancing because we know children tend to walk with some outside help. A Pikler triangle ramp will give them that support.

Ramp as walkway

You will walk across this ramp and eventually try to climb the triangle or pull yourself up to sit on the ramp.

Pikler triangle ramp as a slide

You can also use the ramp as a slide to give your kids other options and encourage them to engage in different activities.

Lock the ramp to the sides of a climbing triangle or a climbing arch to make it slide for your little one to have fun sliding around the house.

Ramp as a slide

This way your child will climb the triangle/arch and slide down the ramp which will make your child run or walk.

Pikler ramp as a climbing wall

A ramp can also be used as a climbing wall , since most ramps have grip shells or rungs on one side for gripping. Here the child can pull itself up perfectly. At the end it can then continue climbing on the triangle or arch.

Ramp as a climbing wall

Physical advantages of the Pikler ramp

A high-quality ramp will help your child strengthen their bone structure , engage in physical activity and improve their fine motor skills.

These movements work the small muscles in your child's body and move their arms, hands and legs as they play with this ramp . You will understand the importance of balance and learn how to keep your balance while walking on the ramp.

understanding of balance

The main benefit of the Pikler triangle ramp is an understanding of balance . This ramp is mostly used to get from one side to the other. During this process, your child will need to keep their balance to reach their goal.

Finally, it should be said that, in addition to the ramp, there are also rung ladders and climbing nets as accessories for a climbing triangle. Thus, individual climbing landscapes can be created.

climbing sets

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