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Buying a Pikler triangle - what should I watch out for?

Would you like to buy a Pikler triangle and are not sure what to look out for? Today, many Pikler triangles are not as easy as Dr. Pikler originally developed them. A Pikler triangle can be of different heights, different designs and even convertible.

There is nothing wrong with that, because all of these products are great and your child will enjoy them. But remember, the original purpose of the Pikler triangle was simple.

You should pay attention to the following things when buying a Pikler triangle:

  • material

Basically, a Pikler triangle should be made of wood. But there are also many differences here: For example, a climbing triangle can consist of stable birch multiplex . Other types of wood for climbing triangles are, for example , beech wood and ash

  • Color / Finishes

When it comes to paints and varnishes, you should definitely make sure that they are free of harmful substances . Our paints are water-based , which are solvent-free and therefore child-friendly. Children like to put their toys in their mouths, especially the rungs of a climbing triangle (especially if they are colorful), of course encourage them to "try" them

  • processing

Since wood is a natural raw material, splinters / cracks can of course occur in the wood during production or there can simply be visible grain . Here, of course, every producer is required to eradicate them and protect the child. In addition, of course, the corners and edges of a climbing triangle should be rounded .

Climbing triangle rounded corners

    • links

Take a close look at the connections between the individual wooden components. For example, are they just simply plugged into each other or are they also glued and, even better, screwed (with Allen key or screws).

    • extensions

Even if a Pikler triangle is supposedly high-priced , you should still consider when buying it whether you might want to expand it at a later date. For example with a climbing arch and a ladder to a complete climbing landscape .

climbing landscape

Many climbing triangles are individual pieces from different brands that cannot be combined with one another or that do not guarantee safety when combined because the connections simply do not fit. Therefore, think beforehand whether an extension could be an option in the future. (e.g. as a present for the next Christmas or birthday).

    • Security

When a climbing triangle is unfolded, it invites you to play and run around. But make sure that the unfolded triangle can also be locked in place so that it doesn't suddenly collapse when you're playing. With some brands, however, the climbing triangle is already assembled and screwed.

Here you have to note, however, that you may no longer be able to fold it up and stow it away to save space.
You should also take a close look at the maximum load values ​​and the associated minimum and maximum ages. Pay attention to the necessary CE seal.

Does a Pikler triangle have to have a TÜV seal?

No, that is not mandatory . Climbing triangles without an official TÜV seal may also be sold regularly. For private use, however, you should at least make sure that the CE seal is present, as this confirms the load values.

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