Warum sind Pikler Dreiecke so teuer

Why are Pikler triangles so expensive?

You can't buy the Pikler triangle everywhere or as cheaply as at IKEA. But why is a Pikler triangle supposedly expensive? Although I have Ikea hacks at home myself, the Pikler triangle is not sold at IKEA for a good reason. For it to be safe, it must not be made too cheaply.

Raw materials cost money, of course. Also keep in mind that the quality of wood varies, so a cheaper triangle will often be made from cheaper, less durable material, defeating the purpose of a toy that will last for years (I'm speaking from experience here, having cheaper ones). Bought learning towers because I didn't want to spend more and the wood broke in less than a year).

What is the price made up of?

Basically, the supposedly high price of a Pikler triangle is defined by the following criteria:

    • Type of wood / production

High-quality manufacturers rely on stable wood that remains stable for years and does not have to be replaced after 1-2 years. In addition, the official producers attach great importance to sustainability and controlled degradation of the raw material wood .

    • Connections of the individual elements

Connections should not just be plugged in , since the risk of them breaking apart is very high. The connections should be matched and connected with high quality / shatterproof screws .

    • Non-toxic finishes

Colors on the rungs invite children to put them in their mouths. Therefore, producers use water-based paints that are completely free of harmful substances . Although these are not cheap, they offer enormous health security.

    • Additional safety locks

Climbing triangles that have a folding function so that they can also be stowed away to save space must have an additional safety lock so that the Pikler triangle does not collapse when romping around. These must also be installed in such a way that the child cannot easily work on them.

    • Stable cross-sections of the rungs

Rungs do not necessarily have to be round. On the other hand, slightly oval rungs with a cross-section of 45x25mm are of higher quality and more stable . Although these are more difficult to produce, they are significantly more stable.

Many of our climbing triangles, climbing arches, slides and ladders are still handcrafted . At first glance, the higher price is justified.

Find out here what you should look out for when buying a Pikler triangle !

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