Montessori Pädagogik - Kurz & knapp erklärt

Montessori pedagogy - briefly and concisely explained

The founder of Montessori pedagogy was Dr. Maria Montessori . She was the first girl to become a doctor in Italy . Since many hospitals and health centers were not willing to hire her, she had to take over the management of one of the centers for disabled and sick children.

While working at the center, she noticed the children's educational program and realized that they did not have the opportunity to experiment freely . Since she wanted to work in this field, she studied pedagogy and sociology and familiarized herself with pedagogical models and methods.

Then, instead of the existing educational programs, she introduced a new model for children, the Montessori method , which we are talking about today.

How does the Montessori method work?

Montessori is a method that emerged from cognitive learning and is based on the creation of knowledge or the modification of cognitions that have arisen in the child's mind in the past.

Well-known building blocks of Montessori pedagogy are, for example, motor skills toys .

Motor Skills Cube

Insight building, discovery, problem solving and inner flow are some of the main characteristics of Montessori.

With this method, it is not necessary for the children to memorize the content as they are only taught by creating an inner motivation .

Here you can find out everything about the Pikler method .

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