Was ist ein Lerntum und worauf muss ich beim Kauf achten

What is a learning tower and what do I have to pay attention to when buying it?

A learning tower , also known as a kitchen aid or learning stool, is a type of furniture designed specifically for toddlers to allow them greater independence and participation in the kitchen or other activities. The learning tower is usually a safe, stable stool or platform with railings or a border to protect the child. The purpose is to allow the child to participate on raised surfaces such as countertops to assist with cooking, baking, or other activities in the kitchen.

The learning tower enables the child to be at eye level with adults and thus participate better in joint activities. It promotes independence , learning and motor skills as the child can climb up and down the tower independently. The learning tower is often height adjustable to adapt to the child's growth.

It is important to emphasize that safety always comes first when using a learning tower. Parents or carers should ensure that the learning tower is stable and that the child is supervised, especially when near hot surfaces or sharp objects.

At what age can a learning tower be used?

The optimal time from which a child can use a learning tower depends on the child's individual development . Typically, children begin to develop their motor skills and show some independence between the ages of around 18 months and 2 years . This is often an appropriate time to begin a learning tower.

However, it is important to note that every child is different , and some children develop their skills faster or slower than others. Before allowing a child access to a learning tower, you should ensure that they are able to climb up and down the tower safely without needing assistance. The ability to self-regulate and understand basic safety instructions are also important.

What types of learning tower are there?

There are different types of learning towers, and their designs can vary. In general, learning towers can be divided into two main categories : fixed learning towers and folding or collapsible learning towers. Here are some common types of learning towers:

  • Fixed learning tower:

A fixed learning tower is a sturdily built piece of furniture that is usually made of wood or other sturdy materials. It often has a platform for the child to stand on and safety features such as railings to protect the child.
Fixed learning towers are often height adjustable to adapt to the child's growth.

  • Folding or collapsible learning tower:

This type of learning tower can be folded or dismantled , making it particularly space-saving . They are often lighter and easier to transport than fixed learning towers.

foldable learning tower

  • DIY learning tower

Many parents choose to build their own learning towers, either for personalization or to save costs.
DIY learning towers can be made from wood or other materials and can be customized to suit the family's needs and style.

  • Multifunctional learning towers:

Some learning towers are designed to serve multiple functions. For example, they can be converted into a kind of table or chair , and expanded with slides

Learning tower as a chair and table with a slide

What do I have to pay attention to when buying a learning tower?

When purchasing or using a learning tower for your child, you should pay attention to various aspects to ensure safety and functionality . Here are some important points to look for in a learning tower:

  • Stability and material:

Make sure the learning tower is stable and secure . It should be made of high-quality materials that can withstand the stress.
Wood is a commonly used material , but make sure it is sanded smooth to avoid injury from splinters.

  • Safety precautions :

Check whether the learning tower has safety measures such as a railing or border to prevent your child from falling.
Make sure that all edges are rounded and there are no sharp corners .

  • Height adjustability :

Many learning towers are height adjustable to adapt to your child's growth. Make sure the height adjustment is easy and safe .

  • Load capacity :

Pay attention to the maximum load capacity of the learning tower to ensure that it can safely support your child's weight.

  • Ease of care :

Check how easy the learning tower is to clean. Children can get messy while cooking or crafting, so it's important that the tower is easy to clean.

  • Assembly and disassembly:

If you choose a collapsible or mountable learning tower, make sure that assembly and disassembly can be carried out easily and safely.

  • Safety certificates and standards:

Check whether the learning tower complies with applicable safety standards and has certificates or seals of approval.

  • At sight :

Even if the learning tower is safe, your child should never be left unattended, especially when near hot surfaces or dangerous objects.

By paying attention to these points, you can ensure that the learning tower provides a safe and nurturing environment for your child.

Where can you use a learning tower?

A learning tower can be used in various locations around the home to enable children to participate in activities and promote their independence. Here are some places where a learning tower can be useful:

  • Kitchen :

Learning tower in the kitchen

The most common place to use a learning tower is the kitchen. Children can stand on the learning tower and help you cook, bake or prepare meals.

  • Sink/bathroom:

Height-adjustable learning towers allow children to reach the bathroom sink to wash their hands or brush their teeth.

Learning tower in the bathroom

  • Workplace :

When you work at a desk, a learning tower allows children to stand next to you and actively participate in creative activities.

  • Craft corner:

In a specially designed craft area, children can stand on the learning tower and paint, do crafts or do other craft activities.

  • Bookshelves:

A learning tower can also be placed near bookshelves to make it easier for children to access books and choose books independently.

  • Dining room :

A learning tower can also be used in the dining room to make it easier for children to sit at the dining table.

  • Multifunctional areas:

Some learning towers are multifunctional and can be converted into a table or chair. This allows for flexible use in different rooms.

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