Was ist ein Balance Board

What is a balance board?

Find out in this article what a balance board is exactly. Whether you are actively involved in the Montessori method of teaching and learning, or simply have an active toddler or child, a balance board can be a great addition to the toys in your home.

The toddler balance board is a curved wooden board that can be used for games or exercises. They are also known as pendulum boards . Balancing boards are versatile and can help promote balance , improve posture , strengthen the core , or even be used for various forms of play.

How does a balance board work?

There are more uses for a balance board than meets the eye. Thanks to their versatility, they can have as many purposes and uses as you or your child can imagine. Before purchasing a balance board, it is important to understand what balance boards are, their uses, and how to use them.

In the following you will find various application examples for the use of a balance board:

Balance board application examples

What are toddler balance boards?

Balance boards for toddlers are also known as wobble boards. These are Montessori toys that encourage children to play and explore creatively . It helps kids learn balance and movement, improve their posture and strengthen their core strength.

The wobble boards or balance boards can be used both indoors and outdoors as they have a water-based coating . This gives you the flexibility and freedom to play in multiple locations.

balance board

They make great exercise equipment and are a great way for kids to burn off some of their energy. There are great physical benefits to using a balance board. Some studies have even shown that using a balance board can help prevent ankle sprains .

As the name suggests, a balance board is good for balance. By using the Balance Board, children can develop a sense of balance and learn how it works. When children learn and master the ability of balance, they can also do other activities in the future. You will be able to ride a bike, play sports, move your body smoothly and fluently, and perform basic everyday tasks.

What size does a balance board have to be?

Balance boards come in different sizes to suit the size of the child. A good starting size for a toddler balance board is length: 64 cm, width: 30 cm, height: 11.5 cm. Due to the low height of 11.5 cm, it is more suitable for small children.

For older children there are also balance boards with dimensions such as length: 88 cm, width: 30 cm, height: 17 cm.

And for grown-ups there is also a balance board with dimensions such as length: 112 cm, width: 33 cm, height: 22 cm.

With these balance boards you can take a look at the different dimensions in detail.

What should I look out for when buying a balance board?

When buying a balance board, you should pay attention to the following things:

  • Size
    As already described above, pay attention to the dimensions of the board. For example, if your child is a bit older, note that a board height of 11.5 cm is probably too low and your child will not enjoy it.
  • material
    Most quality balance boards are made from birch plywood and bent into a shape under pressure
  • coating
    As a tip at the end: Make sure that your balance board is covered with a layer of felt on the underside. On the one hand, you reduce the noise and on the other hand you also protect your floor.
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