Wie funktioniert ein Pikler Dreieck

How does a Pikler triangle work?

Find out here how exactly a Pikler triangle works and what you need to pay attention to.

The original Pikler triangle cannot be stretched or changed ; it just stands there, a tool around which the child's creativity can grow. As their confidence grows, they will try to climb higher and higher until they reach the top .

Most importantly, they do it on their own terms - because that is exactly the approach of the Pikler Method .

Place the Pikler Triangle in a safe place on a soft mattress or carpet and supervise your child as they explore and experiment with the Pikler Triangle.

As your child gets older, they will use the Pikler triangle in a variety of creative ways . You can sleep under it and make it a fort or a tent .

Pikler triangle as a cave

You can use it as a means of balance or support when walking. And soon they will try to climb it .

There are now also Pikler climbing triangles that can be converted into climbing walls .

Practical extensions for a regular Pikler triangle include sliding boards/chicken ladders , or small rung ladders that can simply be hooked onto the triangle. But be sure to pay attention to compatibility here. Non-manufacturer can be combined with others.

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