Discover the best climbing triangles for children from 1 year

Our Pikler climbing triangles are specially designed to promote the motor development of your child from 1 year of age while providing endless fun.

Made from sustainable and certified materials in the EU , our products guarantee the highest safety standards and modern design.

Let your little ones grow through play and discover our wide selection of climbing triangles for children from 1 year old.

Our recommendations for children from 1 year

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Great Pikler climbing triangles for children from 1 year in action


    Our climbing triangles / Pikler triangles are developed according to Pikler & Montessori ideas and promote gross and fine motor skills.


    Our climbing triangles are safe when standing and robust when climbing. Depending on the recommended age, it can also be used by 2 children.


    Our triangles can be expanded at any time with suitable slides or climbing ramps.

Frequently asked questions about

From what age is a climbing triangle suitable?

Our climbing triangles are ideal for children aged 1 and over as they have been specifically designed for this age group to support motor development.

Are the climbing triangles safe for small children?

Yes, our climbing triangles meet the highest safety standards and are made from tested, certified materials to ensure maximum safety.

What materials are used for the climbing triangles?

Our climbing triangles are made of sustainable wood and environmentally friendly varnishes that are safe and harmless to children.

Is the climbing triangle easy to assemble?

Yes, all of our climbing triangles come with clear assembly instructions and the necessary accessories, so that assembly is quick and easy.

How does a climbing triangle promote my child’s development?

A climbing triangle promotes your child's motor skills, balance and coordination through playful movement activities.

Discover the variety of climbing triangles from 1 year at KleinLeni

In our category Climbing triangles from 1 year at KleinLeni you will find a wide selection of high-quality and sustainable climbing triangles , which are specially designed for toddlers from one year
were developed.

These products are not only entertaining , but also promote your child's motor skills and physical development in a playful way.

Climbing triangles are a great way to support your toddler's joy of movement while giving him the opportunity to explore his abilities and limits
to explore.

With a climbing triangle from our selection, your child can improve his balance , strengthen his muscles and gain self-confidence
build up

A common problem when choosing toys for toddlers is the question of safety and durability.
At KleinLeni we attach great importance to the quality of our
Products. Our climbing triangles are made of robust materials
that can withstand daily challenges while being safe for your child.

So you can rest assured that your toddler can play in a safe environment .
Our climbing triangles for ages 1 and up are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing .

With their bright colors and child-friendly designs, they are guaranteed to be an eye-catcher in the children's room. They are also easy to set up and can be stored to save space when not in use.
Explore the wide range of climbing triangles for children from 1 year at KleinLeni and give your child a toy that is not
is not only entertaining but also promotes its development.

Browse now and find the perfect climbing triangle for your child aged 1 and over at KleinLeni!