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3in1 wooden playhouse with saw and set of three swings

3in1 wooden playhouse with saw and set of three swings

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Introducing our amazing wooden playhouse, a toddler haven inspired by the Montessori approach. Give your child the autonomy to explore, innovate and create their own unique play experiences. This playhouse acts as a catalyst and promotes important attributes such as balance, coordination and motor skills! Activities offered include:

  • Large rope climbing wall
  • Climbing ladder
  • Trapeze bar with rings
  • Disc swing
  • Hanging trapeze bar swing
  • Sea saw

To further increase your child’s play time, you should Slide , the Climbing net or the Triangular ladder Seamless compatibility between our products ensures limitless possibilities!

Note : This package includes the playhouse, assembly instructions, climbing ladder, trapeze bar with rings, disc swing, hanging trapeze bar swing and the slings and carabiners essential for attaching the swing to the playhouse.

Materials: The foundation is made of eco-friendly Latvian birch plywood , complemented by dowels made of soft linden hardwood. A rigorous sanding program ensures that all wood areas are smooth and protected from splinters . We coat each element with our unique blend of oils and waxes , making it suitable for both indoor and controlled outdoor use. However, to maintain the quality of the product, we recommend avoiding environments with extreme temperatures or high humidity.


  • Playhouse size: 120 x 114.5 x 169.5 cm
  • Weight: 33kg
  • Sea saw size: Length: 152 x 34 x 33 cm
  • Weight: 9 kg Load capacity: Up to 50 kg on each side.

With just a hex key (included), assembling the playhouse is a breeze. Spend about 60 minutes and your child's play area will be up and ready!

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