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4in1 climbing set: Swedish wooden wall + swing set + slide board + climbing triangle

4in1 climbing set: Swedish wooden wall + swing set + slide board + climbing triangle

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Enhance your child's indoor play experience with the 3in1 set: Swedish wall + slide board + Pikler climbing triangle. A confluence of design and functionality, this set becomes an indispensable tool to promote balance, coordination, motor skills, bravery and pure enjoyment . Tailor-made for children from 1 to 6-7 years old , it is an impeccable addition to any family and an unforgettable gift.


  • Swedish Wall / Wall Bars : This multi-faceted play structure offers a rich mix of physical and developmental benefits, promoting courage, hand-eye coordination, balance and muscle strength. Whether you're a parent prioritizing your child's active growth or looking for the ideal gift for a young family, this set is an invaluable addition to any home.
  • Pikler Climbing Triangle: Change the height of this Montessori-powered ladder to suit children of different ages and space requirements. The 5 different locking positions provide setup flexibility.
  • Slide and Climb Ramp: Dual functional design, one side offers a sleek slide experience while the other is a climbing challenge equipped with 4 wooden planks. This piece can be positioned as a bridge or connected to the triangle ladder to enhance the play environment.
  • Gymnastics Add-on: Convert the triangle ladder into an all-encompassing Swedish wall. Ideal for various gymnastic and play activities. Includes 2 wall brackets and a horizontal bar for various activities. While the included fasteners fit solid walls such as brick or concrete, we recommend expert advice for drywall installations.
  • 3in1 Gymnastics Set : A dynamic ensemble that includes the disc rope swing, the gymnastic rings and the climbing rope ladder, each of which provides endless fun and powerful physical activity.

Materials: It is made of eco-friendly Latvian birch plywood , complemented by dowels made of soft linden hardwood. A rigorous sanding program ensures that all wood areas are smooth and protected from splinters . We coat each element with our unique blend of oils and waxes , making it suitable for both indoor and controlled outdoor use. However, to maintain the quality of the product, we recommend avoiding environments with extreme temperatures or high humidity.


  • Pikler climbing triangle: 104 x 60 cm; weight: 9 kg
  • Slide/Ramp: Slide size: 104 x 36.5 cm; Weight: 4.6 kg
  • Gym Accessory: Horizontal bar size: 49 x 38 x 21 cm; Weight: 3 kg.
  • Disc rope swing: length: 150 cm; weight: 1 kg.
  • Gymnastic rings: ring diameter: 15 cm; rope length: 120 cm; weight: 1 kg.
  • Climbing rope ladder: ladder length: 190 cm; hanging height: 35 x 244 cm; weight: 2 kg.

Bring your child's world to life with the Swedish Wall + Slide & 3in1 Gym Set, a perfect blend of fun and developmental benefits.

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