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5-in-1 Montessori climbing arch, untreated wood

5-in-1 Montessori climbing arch, untreated wood

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This climbing arch is made from high-quality materials (birch plywood, solid beech wood), carefully sanded and NOT coated. No varnishes, oils or glazes were used.
However, this can make the mess created during use more difficult to clean. If your child paints the swing with a felt-tip pen, it won't be easy to clean it. On the other hand, your child's art will stay with you :)

The multifunctional Montessori arch (also known as a rocker arch or swing arch) was developed for safe play for children from 1 year up to 110 kg.

The high-quality, safe, playful and advanced Montessori 5-in-1 arch in fresh, bright colors supports your child's correct motor development . Thanks to its versatile use, children can use the arch not only for rocking , but also as a slide , shelter , climbing frame or seat . The rocker is made of high-quality materials, handmade and painted with certified paints and varnishes .

With the colorful seesaw you can brighten up any children's room or play area. With its playful colors it invites children to play. With various twists and turns, it easily transforms into a climbing frame , a toy counter , a colorful shelter , a slide and, thanks to its 110kg load capacity, a children's bench .

Thanks to the handles on both sides, two children can rock on it at the same time. These handles are also designed to prevent the swing from tipping over while swinging.

The surface of the multifunctional Montessori rocker is hand-finished , feels pleasant and all edges are rounded .

The seesaw is made of high-quality birch plywood . The big advantage of plywood is that the surface of the boards is strong and resistant to scratches and scuffs.

The Rainbow Swing has been improved with a new, innovative board tightening system . The boards are equipped with special screws that ensure a better fit.

Unusual, modern, simple design and bright colors make this seesaw/arch so attractive and interesting not only for children but also for adults. This toy will also become a stylish and indispensable accessory in any interior.

You can change the color arrangement of the panels during assembly and at any other time, depending on your children's tastes or wishes.

Technical details:

Dimensions (balance rocker/rocker): 85 × 44 × 40 cm
Weight: approx. 5 kg
Load capacity: 110kg
Safety and quality certificates: CE , 2009/48/ES, EN 71-1, EN 71-2, EN 71-3, EN 71-8 and EN 71-9. 

Educational Benefit

Our climbing arches are developed according to the Pikler idea . They promote the physical and mental development of the child.

age recommendation

Although intended for children aged 6 months to 5 years , our climbing arches are also suitable for older children.

material / safety

Birch wood / multiplex, free of harmful substances / made of natural and untreated material. We use high-quality untreated natural wood . Our paints are water-based, which is solvent-free and therefore child-friendly.

The toys are CE marked.


Make sure you have even more climbing fun with the right accessories such as a slide, climbing wall and mattress

Important instructions

- Use only under the direct supervision of adults.
- For domestic use only.

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    Our climbing arches are developed entirely according to Montessori pedagogy and promote gross and fine motor skills.

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    Our climbing arches are designed so that they cannot tip over even when swinging.

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