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Climbing arch Basic, various sizes

Climbing arch Basic, various sizes

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This arch is the perfect climbing arch for children of different ages to develop their movement skills and enthusiasm for climbing. Children will love playing on it.

Dimensions of small bow:
Height 36 cm
Length 72cm
Width 62cm

Dimensions of large bow:
Height 44 cm
Length 87cm
Width 62cm

Maximum load up to 50kg

Choose yours too Suitable accessories for this product:

  • Pillow/mattress in different designs
  • Various sliding boards/slides

Side boards: Baltic birch plywood 18 mm thick
Round rod: aspen wood 28 mm diameter
Edges are smooth to the touch with no sharp edges, wood without varnish or oil.
Manufactured to EU child safety standards

A notice :
This product can be used outdoors in warm, sunny weather, but it should not be left outside in rain, snow, cold or high humidity.
Parents must pay attention to their children when using this product.
Don't leave children unattended.

Educational Benefit

Our climbing arches are developed according to the Pikler idea . They promote the physical and mental development of the child.

age recommendation

Although intended for children aged 6 months to 5 years , our climbing arches are also suitable for older children.

material / safety

Birch wood / multiplex, free of harmful substances / made of natural and untreated material. We use high-quality untreated natural wood . Our paints are water-based, which is solvent-free and therefore child-friendly.

The toys are CE marked.


Make sure you have even more climbing fun with the right accessories such as a slide, climbing wall and mattress

Important instructions

- Use only under the direct supervision of adults.
- For domestic use only.

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    Our climbing arches are developed entirely according to Montessori pedagogy and promote gross and fine motor skills.

  • KleinLeni - Kletterspielzeug für Kinder


    Our climbing arches are designed so that they cannot tip over even when swinging.

  • KleinLeni - Kletterspielzeug für Kinder


    Expand them into beautiful play landscapes with triangles, slides and cushions/mattresses

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