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Climbing set / climbing table NABU

Climbing set / climbing table NABU

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Welcome to the world of Nabu - where the fun knows no bounds! 🌟

The NABU climbing set can be transformed into a seat or a shelf and offers the opportunity to draw directly on the table-like board . An optional climbing ramp provides additional adventure. Get ready to encourage creativity and active play in the house!

Inspired by the famous Emmi Pikler climbing triangle, Nabu takes interactive play to a new level with its innovative design and multifunctional features . Say goodbye to ordinary play structures and hello to endless possibilities with Nabu's transformative elements.

Here you can see what makes Nabu special:

1️⃣ Foldable design: Nabu was designed with convenience in mind. The climbing set can be easily folded and transported so that your child can play actively anywhere and anytime.

2️⃣ Three-in-one configuration : With Nabu, versatility is key. The set includes climbing rungs, table segments and steps that can be arranged to create either seating areas or shelves, encouraging creativity and adaptability while playing.

3️⃣ Optional Climbing Ramp Slide : Increase the fun by opting for the Nabu Climbing Ramp Slide. Whether your child likes to climb or slide, this addition will add extra fun.

4️⃣ Interactive surface : Turn Nabu's tabletop into a canvas for creativity! The chalk-friendly surface allows children to express their artistic side by scribbling with chalk or simply wipe away the marks on the board to get a new canvas each time.

Nabu is not just a climbing frame - it is a catalyst for discovery, creativity and growth. When climbing in the children's room, children develop important motor skills, spatial awareness and self-confidence in a safe environment.

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About the manufacturer

Luula is a family brand from Latvia that produces original design children's furniture from laminated birch plywood.

Luula children's furniture seeks ways to meet a child's natural developmental needs in everyday settings. The basic products are original, multi-sensory children's tables and transformable indoor playground structures.

We stand for a playful yet straightforward aesthetic design approach that accompanies harmonious family life and is rooted in the Scandinavian tradition of simplicity .

More than just a design brand, Luula creates childhood memories in action and with attractive ideas.

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