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MeowBaby® learning tower kitchen helper with a board for children, different colours

MeowBaby® learning tower kitchen helper with a board for children, different colours

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MeowBaby® Kitchen Helper - Wooden kitchen helper

It is a platform that allows the child to participate in activities related to meal preparation . Usually, children have limited access to the kitchen, a sink, or a table.

With our Kitchen Helper, the child not only observes the next stages of dish preparation, but also actively participates in dish preparation, setting the table or washing dishes .

The design of the kitchen helper is stable and allows you to adjust the height of the platform and adjust it to the height of child safety . This directly affects the child's safety and allows him to walk up and down without help. The kitchen helper is a combination of safe assembly technology, stable construction and lightness of form with an unconventional yet minimalist design.

Additional chalk board

A chalk board is an additional attraction for the child. You can create recipes, a shopping list or other drawings.


  • Material: pine wood
  • Adjustable height of the platform with 3 variants (20 - 33 - 47 cm counted from the ground)
  • No equipment or force is required to adjust the height. Simply move the platform to the selected pole
  • Available Color: Natural Wood, Black, White, Gray, Blue
  • Total height: 90 cm
  • Width: 39cm
  • Depth to step: 48 cm
  • Board: 30cm x 40cm
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