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Motorikhaus / Activity Board Natura

Motorikhaus / Activity Board Natura


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What is the motor skills house / activity board ?

An educational complex that will help develop your little child's fine motor skills and promote creative and logical thinking.

It serves as a hiding place and also has around 30 game elements. Thanks to its multifunctionality, the house will replace a lot of other toys. And because it is made to be very sturdy, it will last for future generations of children. And in the end you even save space and money.

Who is this suitable for?
For toddlers and preschool children , everyone will find something for themselves here. Thanks to its size, several children can play with it at the same time.

What game elements does it contain?
Shape mazes, inserters, shoe with laces, drag chain, chalk board (chalks included), touch light, ... Well, if we had to list them all, it would be quite a long list.

Many activities focus on training fingers and developing fine motor skills , which is neglected by today's children surrounded by tablets and cell phones. Through these activities the child also learns patience and concentration . The house also helps develop logical thinking and creative skills , and thanks to its shape it is also a great partner for making up different stories. Long live children's imagination.

Your child can also climb into the house , use it as a garage or as a home for their favorite toys .

The motor skills house is modular and consists of 6 full-fledged activity boards that can be taken apart and placed on any horizontal surface.

Size: 40x40x60cm
Weight: 7kg
Material: high quality plywood

All paints and varnishes used for painting are of the highest quality and only water-based, safe for children.

It is completely safe for children. It does not contain self-tapping screws and all elements are fastened with rivets.

CE certified for children aged 1 year and over

age recommendation

Our activity boards & cubes have the safest shape and are certified for children from 10 months.

Materials & Safety

All BusyKids toys are made from only eco-friendly materials with sincere love for children.

Our activity boards & cubes are CE certified. All paints and varnishes used for painting are of the highest quality and only water based, safe for children.

Delivery & assembly

All of our busykids brand products (except for motor skills cubes) are supplied as a kit with assembly instructions .

The accessories for our activity boards and houses attach without screws and are attached within 2 minutes.

Quality & Guarantee

Every BusyKids toy is assembled by hand and carefully checked.

We grant a 2-year guarantee for our activity boards & cubes!

Important instructions

- Use only under the direct supervision of adults.
- For domestic use only.

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