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Pikler climbing triangle colorful

Pikler climbing triangle colorful

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A climbing frame that serves the whole family and with its rainbow colors is still an adornment of the apartment? We built a toy named after Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler that allows children to safely explore climbing to heights .

For whom is it suitable?

toddlers and school children. Thanks to the high load capacity - 80 kg - several children can easily play on the climbing triangle at the same time. And even slim adults can use it as an aid in gymnastics.

Even though this toy is certified for ages 1+, you certainly don't need to hide it from babies. On the contrary. For example , it can be a tunnel to encourage baby to crawl , and then later on it's a great friend for toddlers to lean on when trying to get up.

The climbing triangle includes a lock against collapsing and shifting.

It brings joy of movement into your home . Not only does the child climb to the top (at their own pace, without putting pressure on the child like in the public playgrounds), but they can also crawl under the climbing triangle or cover it with a blanket and use it as a secret hiding place.

The Pikler triangle develops gross motor skills, teaches stability, trains courage and supports independence and creativity.

So that you can make full use of the motor skills toy, we recommend buying the slide with it.

Technical parameters:

Dimensions: climbing triangle approx. 66 × 76 × 66 cm (height × depth × width)
Diameter of the cross braces: 28 mm
Dimensions of the side panels 76 × 66 × 18 cm.
Weight: 8kg.
Loading capacity of the rung ladder: 80 kg.

The Pikler climbing triangle is made of birch plywood and 2.8 cm thick wooden sticks . The surfaces are treated with lacquers that meet the EN71 Toy Safety Standard for toys . If it gets dirty, you only need to wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

We pay special attention to safety, all edges are rounded and the bars are fixed in such a way that they do not twist . A safety device against collapsing is also part of the climbing triangle.

The product is certified for children over 1 year old . It is delivered disassembled, part of the packaging are instructions and all the accessories needed for assembly.

The color tone in the photo may differ from the actual color of the material, depending on the color rendering of your devices and individual settings.

Educational Benefit

Our climbing triangles and sets, also known as Pikler triangles , have been developed entirely according to the Pikler idea . They promote the physical and mental development of the child.

age recommendation

Our climbing triangles, arches and sets are designed for children aged 1 to 5 years .

Care tips

Here you will find valuable tips on how to care for the products to ensure the health of your children as well as the quality and longevity of the wooden products:

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material / origin

Beech wood, birch wood, free of harmful substances / made of natural and untreated material. We use high-quality untreated natural wood . Our paints are water-based, which is solvent-free and therefore child-friendly.

The toys are CE marked and meet the requirements of the EU 2009 safety directives.

Important instructions

- Use only under the direct supervision of adults.
- For domestic use only.

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