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swing board

swing board

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mounting material

Multifunctional and unique balance board made of natural wood that can be used in 2 ways :

balance board and as a swing !

Switching from the swing to the balance board (and vice versa) is quick and easy, and most importantly, no tools are required.

To use it as a swing:
Attach the hemp rope to the ceiling and place the rope in the specially designed notches located at the two ends of the board. Lay the board straight, adjust the ropes and enjoy the swinging fun to the fullest! You can be sure that this will become a favorite spot in the house for both children and adults! Also suitable for outdoor use - the board can be hung in the garden, on the balcony or anywhere else!

To use it as a balance board:
Simply remove the board from the rope, lay it on the ground and you have all the benefits in one easy step. Turn around, swing, let's go. There are no limits to age or personal imagination.

BALANCE BOARD, SIZE S (for beginners, gentle curve shape)
• Length: 800mm
• Width: 280mm
• Arch height 125 mm
• Thickness: 12mm
• Weight: 2kg
• Load capacity up to 150 kg
• Suitable for all ages but especially for young children.

BALANCE BOARD, SIZE M (original size, classic curve shape)
• Length: 880mm
• Width: 280mm
• Arch height 170 mm
• Thickness: 15mm
• Weight: 3kg
• Load capacity up to 200 kg
• Most universal size, suitable for everyone.

swing rope:
The rope is made from natural hemp, an environmentally friendly and very durable material. It will last a lifetime and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The advantage of this rope is its very low elasticity, its robustness, grip and abrasion resistance.
Length: 4m
Diameter: 12mm
Finishing: transparent shrink tubing.

Mounting material can be optionally selected.

Important instructions

- Use only under the direct supervision of adults.
- For domestic use only.
- Pay attention to the specified minimum age in the product descriptions!

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